Sunday, September 15, 2013

Summerland Fall Fair and Endless Summer Show and Shine - Sept 14 & 15, 2013

Yesterday we decided to go for a drive and take in the Summerland 104th Annual Fall Fair and the Endless Summer Show and Shine.  It was fun looking at all the weird and wonderful things that people had grown, baked and canned.



Upstairs was quilting displays, sewing, knitting and writing.  There was also Ukrainian fare for those hungry and so inclined. Entertainment was scheduled for the day and while we were there we caught some of Ari Neufeld and his one man band.

Outside, members of the SCA (Medieval Society) were giving demonstrations on days of Yore and selling their wares.
 There was a Pioneer workshop where kids were busy creating boats and other great things out of wood.

If you wanted to help out the food bank you could savour one of the delicious kabobs donated by IGA, or you could buy an apple pie from the Girl Guides.  If you wanted a slice then and there you could top it off with fantastic home made ice-cream.
After wandering around the fair for quite awhile we decided to head over to the Endless Summer Show and Shine classic car event.  I don't know much about cars but there were some pretty cool ones there. I especially liked the old model T and a blue one with an A & W tray in the window. Not to date myself but that sure brought back memories of the old days when you could drive into A & W and got served without getting out of your car!!

There was a bin of apples with a sign that they had been donated by a local farmer to raise money for charity. They were Galas, one of our favourite so we were happy to donate to the cause.

We heard some great nostalgic music wafting through the air (oh no I'm dating myself again).  It was a band called "Flashback" playing all the oldies. They were good and the music added to the ambiance of a beautiful Okanagan September day.  The fair and car show are still on today, Sunday the 15th, so don't miss out on these annual Summerland events.
Below is a video clip I took of Flashback.


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