Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ogos Ice-cream Parlour Penticton

I had just about come to the end of a glorious bike ride down the Okanagan River Channel, stopping in the Rose Garden for a water break and a chance to smell the beautiful roses. As I made my way home I spotted a sign that said Ogos.  I was drawn to the place and very happy to find it was an ice-cream parlour, because a cold treat was exactly what I fancied.
I chatted to Sharon the owner and found out some very interesting history about the beginnings of the place. It was started by a couple of university students a few years ago and the premises used to be an alley which has been very creatively transformed into a perky and inviting ice-cream parlour. One wall is home to a huge 50 ft. mural painted by Kelowna artist Luke Hunter.  There is also an impressive 8 ft ogopogo, standing guard in the foyer, which has tables to seat guests while they enjoy their icecream.

Eating my ice-cream in front of the mural
 Out of close to 60 flavours to choose from,  I chose a yummy orange one which always is the most refreshing to me on a hot Okanagan day.
Anyhow, as I chatted more with Sharon she happened to tell me that she had just received a phone call from a film company back in Ontario. Guess what?  They will be doing a documentary on Okanagan Lake and the Ogopogo and happened to see Ogos advertised on Urban Spoon. They are coming to Penticton on Sept 26th to interview Sharon and take shots of  Ogos Icecream Parlour.
I will be there to take some photos because after all this will be a pretty neat happening for Penticton.
By the way, Ogos is on the bead trail which I think is another fantastic Okanagan treasure. Naturally I bought the ogopogo bead for my bracelet so that completed my very happy bike ride today!

 I forgot to say that the ice-cream was delicious and really hit the spot.  There won't be too many summer days left now so go and experience Ogos before it beds down for the winter.

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