Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Penticton Peach City Triathlon - A Humorous Twist on the Race


Sunday morning I thought I would go for a bike ride on the KVR to the little tunnel. I forgot my water so instead of going all the way I headed down to the Naramata Road As I swooped down the hill I was reveling in the still, quiet summer morning and was feeling relaxed and calm. Making the turn onto the main road I was immediately engulfed in a swarm of riders, all rocketing along with their fancy bikes and sleek bodies looking cool in bright colored spandex. I was in a 5-year-old grey t-shirt, an old ripped pair of bike shorts and riding my 11-year-old ultra heavy mountain bike. Obviously I didn’t fit. Turns out, I was riding along with the competitors in the Penticton Peach City Triathlon, an annual bike, swim and marathon race.
As I rode along with my pedal clanking rhythmically, all of a sudden I would hear what I thought was a car and out of the blue a rider would rocket by and quickly fade out of sight.  It was especially embarrassing going up hill.   I was in the easiest gear with my feet going furiously; not gaining much ground unfortunately and  I was being passed (again and again) and the riders would effortlessly glide on by leaving me in the dust.

Spectators dotted along the road would applaud and shout out encouragement as we all went by.. .  even me..  Luckily my street came up and I was happily exited and glad I didn’t have to run a half marathon after all that bike riding.  Good grief!

The best thing though is that I saw Naramata local Megan Solley riding along.  She actually looked happy and was smiling away as she cruised on by.  Who said marathons aren’t fun?  Her times were:  Swim 42:28,  Bike 1:44:44 and Run 1:05:22  Congrats Megan!

Megan Solley


Thanks again to Travelin' Pat for sharing this unique experience with us.



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