Friday, July 26, 2013

Cheese Making Class at Poplar Grove Cheesery on the Naramata Bench

Thankyou Travelin' Pat for sharing the fun day you and Daiya had at Poplar Grove Cheesery.
What does one normally do on a gorgeous Easter Weekend?  Lets see…go bike riding? Walking? Paint adorable creative eggs?  OR    go to a cheese making class.  Cheese Please!!!

My Daughter in Law Daiya and I had registered for the class ages ago and finally the big cheese day arrived.  We donned on our gumboots and our aprons and our ever so fashionable hairnets and boldly went where neither of us had been before.
Poplar Grove Cheese Shop
The first thing we learned is that cleanliness is paramount.  Lots of hand washing and rinsing of utensils. Secondly we learned that with a few simple ingredients (milk, citric acid and rennet) we could be off to the races.
Daiya Anderson - The start

Warming up milk and acids

Cheese forming into a ball

The down and dirty is that you pour milk into a pot, heat it up add your acid and rennet and Bobs your uncle.  Ok maybe it is a bit more of a deal than that but essentially it is a simple process.  At the end of the day we had three delicious cheeses, ricotta, mozzarella and feta. Plus we were very proud of ourselves. I am already thinking tomato and mozzarella salad for dinner tonight.
Hanging cheese to let whey drip
Finished product

Maybe the next time you would like to do something fun and worthwhile, grab a friend and take a stab at making cheese.

Louise Pederson (the big cheese around the place) is the instructor extraordinaire.  She is an excellent and patient teacher; and the class is informative and fun.  Louise plans on starting up more cheese making classes in the Fall.  For more information visit the Poplar Grove Cheese website, or call
(250) 492-4575.  A big bonus is that there is a scrumptious lunch (with wine) provided. Cheers....
Wine with lunch

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