Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Poplar Grove Opens Spectacular New Winery In Penticton

Thankyou Travlin' Pat for this postView from Poplar Grove Winery in Penticton BC

After raining most of the afternoon, the early evening sky turned out to be one of the finest so far this summer.  Seems like an auspicious start to a new era for Poplar Grove. 

Its new look is one of sophistication and elegance, which of course which pairs nicely with the fine vintages that Poplar Grove consistently produces.

Right off you are struck (if not awestruck) by the magnificent setting.  Both Okanagan and Skaha lakes shimmer in the distance and one can see the whole of Penticton nestled cozily in between.  

The winery is situated to take advantage of the marvelous summer sunsets that the Okanagan is so famous for.

The fortunate ones to receive a much-coveted invitation poured into the winery around 7 pm.  Locals, out of towners and possibly a few celebs made up the festive, cheerful and tipsy (oh that was later!) crowd.  Right off the bat every one was given a glass and it was your job to run around tasting all your favorite vintages.  

The wine flowed freely all night long. My personal favorite was the syrah but my husband stayed steadfast and claimed the famous legacy was the supreme ruler of the night.

At one point we were all ushered outside to witness the barrel dropping.  A wine barrel is hosted onto a forklift and ceremoniously dropped, smashing on the ground and I think spreading good luck for the winery.  Don’t quote me.

The food was terrific.  Wonderful appetizers kept appearing just at the perfect time and there was the scent of meat in the air as a pig roasted in an outdoor spit.  yumlicous!


I could go on and on …about the harp music and the terrific band and the dancing etc, but point is …it was a classy delightful experience.

Best wishes to Poplar Grove Winery!

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  1. I love that there was a harp player!! The winery looks beautiful and so does the scenery.