Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Penticton and Friends Celebrity Golf Classic - Gran Fondo in Penticton

This weekend was chocko block with activity in our city.

The Penticton and Friends Celebrity Golf Classic held the 10th annual charity golf tournament on Friday and Saturday. Some people may remember it used to be the Andy Moog and friends celebrity Golf Classic. This year was dedicated to a local restaunture Rob Wylie the former owner of Salty’s Beach House. Over the years they have raised lots of money and seen celebrities, pro hockey players, retired pro hockey players, politicians, and fathers and sons hitting the links with a vengeance (and then some!) Although as far as I know there was no clubs tossed into the way to numerous water hazards.

They have pretty impressive prizes for the skilled or lets just say “lucky” players. The big one is $50,000 for the main hole in one prize and 2 $20,000 and 1 $10,000 prizes.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

On the first day I dropped by to have a look. There were men everywhere all dressed in their golf finery diligently working on their putting strokes and all the carts were lined up loaded and ready to go for the 11:00 shotgun start. That seems like an odd thing to call that.  Maybe it’s because sometimes during the game you kind of feel like you could use something to put you out of your misery…… The weather was fine and some good and bad shots played but you can bet everyone had a great time and supported a worthwhile cause.

On top of that;

The first annual GranFondo was held on Sunday. For those of you who haven’t the vaguest idea what that is, it is a horribly long bike race that people actually are happy to go in. There was some serious mileage happening as the ride is 160 Kilometers long! The winner did it in 3hrs and 57 min. Wow I thought I did well when I did my 30 minute run to Starbucks!
Everywhere you looked cyclists were zooming along looking all very professional in their brightly colored (not to mention tight fitting!) outfits.  But I digress….. The weather was perfect for a long ride such as this, warm but not zoiling hot.  Congratulations to all the participants.  Well done.
To see some great photos of the race go to My Penticton Photography.

While this was going on people who were looking for a more sedentary way to spend the day were drifting down the channel parkway doing their summer thing.  Ah, bliss……

Penticton is such a happening place!

Thankyou Travlin' Pat for covering these two weekend sports events.


  1. Thank you for the link Julie. posted by cj gordon

  2. You are very welcome. Your photos are amazing.