Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Penticton Car Show Shines - Peach City Beach Cruise 2011

Penticton Lakeshore Drive was teeming with action this weekend.  There were cars everywhere and not just any old cars; they were sensational, beautiful, fantastic, amazing colorful vehicles of all types!  There were hot rods and Chevies, Mustangs and Daimlers, cars from the 20s and 30s plus super modern ones I have never seen or heard of.  Not being a car buff myself I could only stare openmouthed at the sheer numbers of them and marvel at the artistry required to get these old things into that pristine condition.  Wow!  You don’t have to be an expert to know these cars were the cream of the crop. 

My favourite novelty entry was a chevy which had been decked out with an A & W tray at the window and The Great Root Bear mascot sporting his bright orange jersey in the passenger seat. A wave of nostalgia hit me as I remembered those carefree days of the 50s with hoop skirts, saddle oxfords, real milkshakes and drive in movies.

One of the cars was black and had doors that opened like bat man wings about to take off, while others were bright orange, baby blue, lime green and oh yes, one called the Pink Panther with guess who as the driver?

The street was packed with enthusiastic looky loos and the atmosphere upbeat and energetic along with the help of some great music.  Bonus….the sun was shining.

Between Elvis roaming the streets and these marvelous classic cars crawling around, Penticton was surely the place to be this weekend.
This is an annual event so think about reserving accommodations now so you won’t be disappointed in 2012.
For more information about this event visit the Peach City Beach Cruise Website


  1. I think my kids need a tray out the window for all the snacks they eat :) xoxo

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