Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ogopogo - The Okanagan's Most Elusive Resident

Today's blog post is by our guest writer Travelin' Pat.  Thanks Pat for a great story.

Last night I dreamed I saw Ogopogo.  He looked just the same as he looked when I was a kid. (I should be honest here; I have never actually seen him live) I guess unlike me he never sags or bags or gets all withered up with age.  Lucky guy… Funny, I always think of him as a guy, and always think of him as being all-alone.  You never hear about seeing Ogopogo with his family or friends.  Anyway, I digress.  It was early morning and sunny out and I was perched on him like I was riding a horse.  Regally sitting  between his second and third hump I felt like a sea priestess as we were smoothly cruising down the lake.  At the end of the ride he gently took me to shore, let me off and elegantly glided away. 
Ogopogo Statue at City Park, Kelowna BC
Indian Legend has it that before the white man arrived there was this lake monster with a serpent like body living in Okanagan Lake.  Cool.  His home base is supposed to be just around Rattlesnake Island somewhere but apparently he travels around quite a bit.  I wonder if it is a cave condo or what.  I once stayed in a cave hotel in Turkey and it was great! 
Anyway back in the day I think he was supposed to be pretty snarky and dangerous but now he’s friendly, a gentle giant as they say.  There are copious rumors about him. He is brown or blue or black.  He has fins or feet or legs or maybe all three. He has a head like a horse or a sheep or a cow. Possibly he is shaped like a dinosaur or a giant frog or a 20 to 50 foot long 3ft wide snake…but everyone agrees that he has astonishing speed and that’s probably why we hardly ever spot him.
Since 1870 there have been countless reported sightings of Ogopogo.  Lots of them happen just before tourist season. Hmm…. As for me, I have only seen him in the wee hours of the morning in my dreams. There he is, swimming effortlessly on a lake as smooth as glass before slipping silently away back to the deep. 

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