Friday, August 9, 2013

A Day Trip to Aunty Ag's Seafood Cafe in Oliver BC

For a mini day trip in my neck of the woods (Penticton) we drove down to Oliver to have lunch at Auntie Ag's Seafood Café

 First off we cruised along the East Side of Skaha Lake.  For those of you who haven’t had the experience of driving on that road….definitely do it.  It wanders along the lake and provides excellent views of the water and Kaleden on the west side.  Plus it is not a highway so you don’t have to rocket along and worry about traffic behind you.

Next: you pass through Okanagan Falls, home of a really big, really old flea market.  It’s a cute little village with a pub and a park and a couple of grocery stores and of course the famous Tickleberrys ice cream parlor.

Yummy fun at Tickleberry's

Farther along the road there is Vaseux Lake, a wildlife sanctuary with a scenic boardwalk and convenient washrooms.  A very pretty stroll for those so disposed.

Still further along the way …Gallagher Lake. Blink and you could miss it!

Of course we also passed many vineyards, wineries, orchards and fruit stands because that is what the Okanagan is all about!


Finally, our destination.  Aunty Ag's Seafood Cafe

What a cute little place with its red, blue and white décor in a bright sunny room. 

It’s right on the main drag and serves up a cost friendly fish and chip lunch special for under $10.00.  The fish is light and tasty and the homemade French-fries a real treat. 

The dessert special was Key Lime cheesecake.  Yum! If you are not inclined to fish and chips there are other things on the menu including vegetarian and gluten-free choices.  While you’re there take a look at the family pictures hanging on the wall. It turns out Aunty Ag owned a chain of fish and chip shops in Burton on Trent England.  Her last restaurant called the Seaview Café was in Devon England and looked like quite the place! Happily, the family is carrying on the tradition and I’m sure Aunty Ag would be proud.

Oh and while we were there we found out that Deb, part owner of Auntie Ag's and chief chef, has acquired a mascot for the restaurant. What else but a British Beef Eater.  She tells me they are going to have a contest to name the mascot so stay tuned at Aunty Ag's Website for details.
I also found out that Aunty Ag's has won two awards from Okanagan Life Magazine in the South Okanagan.  One for the best fish and chips and the other for the best chowder!!!! So go try it out.
Below is a photo of Deb and Big Fish Mike Whiles with the new mascot.

On the way back we picked up some fresh peaches and considered our day trip a big success.

Thanks again Travelin' Pat for your input on this blog.


  1. This description made me wish I could go for a lovely drive and end up at Aunty Ag's for those mouthwatering fish and chips!

  2. Sounds like a good plan!