Monday, August 6, 2012

36th Annual Naramata Faire

Yesterday we drove to Naramata to meet our friends and check out the 36th Annual Naramata Summer Faire.  Parking was scarce but we managed to find a spot not too far away. 
It was a festive scene with vendor tents set up all around Manitou Park.  Music from the stage wafted over as we walked across the field.  We decided to do a walk about and have a look at all the interesting crafts and works of art. Very impressive to say the least!!

I have to say that it was the hottest day yet this summer so we were dodging into the shade whenever we could.  We managed to find a picnic table ideally located under a tree overlooking Okanagan Lake and all the activity going on at the beach. To the south of us we saw a young man walking on what appeared to be some kind of tight rope.  I walked over to have a closer look and sure enough he was not only making his way along the not very wide "slack - line",  but playing a didgeridoo as well, while still maintaining his balance. Wow!!!!!!  He told me that his name is Guillaume Coutu, he is 22 years old and he fares from Repentigny, a place not far from Montreal. He has been practicing slack line for 3 years and has only just started learning the didgeridoo.  I think we should watch out for him in the future!!

There were so many mouth watering smells in the air that we had a hard time deciding on the best choice for lunch. 

Mauricio Cepeda  Cooking Up Chorizo Sausage
I was drawn to a venue that advertised an Authentic Gourmet Chorizo in a bun.  It turned out that the recipe for this special sausage originated in Argentina, the birthplace of co-owner Mauricio Cepeda.  I decided to give it a try. I have to say it was yummy.  Much more healthy than a hot dog too!!

Mauricio and his family
Mauricio says that they are also at the Farmer's Market in Penticton every Saturday and their stall has become a big hit.

After lunch we did some more wandering and came to a booth advertising a Naramata Trivia contest.  Craig Henderson, who was running the contest, called us over to try our luck to win a $350 gift basket prize. It was spin the bottle on a piece of cardboard and whichever letter it landed on indicated the question we would have to answer.  It was a multiple choice set up and by chance my friend Carol and I both picked the right answers and our names are now in for the draw.  Not sure when we'll hear the outcome. By the way, Craig is the editor of a website for Naramata called My so have a look and find tons of information about the history and happenings around this special town.
Carol McGibney having a go at a Naramata Trivia Game led by Craig Henderson
After the trivia game the sun was getting to us again so we decided that it was time for ice-cream and a rest under the tent facing a stage that featured on-going entertainment.

When we arrived some very talented young women in colorful costumes were doing some exotic belly dancing.

After that The Penticton Concert Band under the direction of Gerald Nadeau, was playing some great old tunes including a medley from the Tijuana Brass.  A neat blast from the past for me!!!  They featured a young woman named Maddison from Summerland who has a remarkable voice and will certainly go places!!

Judi Ritcey, MC for the Penticton Concert Band on left and soloist Maddison on the right
Before we went home we caught a little of the Horseshoe Tournament under the trees on the beach.

Patrick McGibney takes his turn during the Horseshoe Tournament
There was something for everyone at the Naramata Faire and we were tired but happy as we left for home!! We'll look forward to attending the 37th Annual Faire next year.  Way to go Naramata! You have done it again!!!!!!!! 

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