Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tickleberry's In Okanagan Falls - Our Last Icecream of the Season

A few days ago we decided to take advantage of a beautiful October Penticton day and head south for a drive.  On the way back we simultaneously agreed that we must stop at Tickleberry’s in Okanagan Falls for our last ice cream of the season. Even though there was a hint of winter in the air, the sun shone down valiantly and made it a perfect day for our cold treat.

On entering the store we saw that the long line ups so typical all summer were nowhere to be seen, and in fact there were only 2 people there to serve us our ice cream.  One of them turned out to be Dale Hoy, owner and founder of Tickleberry’s (along with his wife Jen) and the other was Aaron, his son.  I was happy that we were the only ones there because Dale told us a little of the history of this popular Okanagan Falls ice cream parlor.
It turns out that the name Tickleberry’s come from the name they gave to their jams (ie. Tickleberry Jams) while living in White Horse prior to moving to the Okanagan in 1989.  Tired of competing with bears to find enough berries for the jam, they decided to move to Okanagan Falls where fruits were much more plentiful. In the Spring of 1990 Tickleberry’s was open for business.

Dale told us that before selling ice cream, there was only a small gift store and they lived on property right beside it. In fact their home was where the gift shop is now.  As shopping was Jen’s passion, she was in charge of bringing in unique and wonderful gifts to sell in the shop.  Dale decided to start a small ice cream parlor to keep the men busy while their wives were shopping.  It became so popular that they expanded over the years and now sell 72 different flavors of ice cream. 
Mix that with a fine assortment of sweets, including homemade chocolates and fudge, plus freshly popped kettle Korn and a fantastic gift shop where licking and looking is encouraged, and you have the famous Tickleberry’s of today. 
It has been a family venture with all three of their children helping in the business.  Dale also commented on their wonderful staff and said that each season they hire over 30 young people to serve the ice cream.  He says that as long as you get them before they drive they are eager, willing and able.

We love to go there on a hot summer’s day and sit on a picnic table by the creek while enjoying our yummy cone.  You bet your boots that we also have a frequent licker card that gives us a free ice cream after every 10. 
As we made our way out of the door, about a dozen cars were pulling up out of nowhere so I guess many other people wanted to savor one more Tickleberry cone before they close for the season on October 30th.
All I can say is a big thankyou to Dale, Jen and family. We are so glad you took a family vacation to the Okanagan in 1988 and that you settled in OK Falls and gave birth to Tickleberry’s.
For more information visit Tickleberry’s Website. You can even order some of the yummy chocolates and fudge online as well as some T-shirts and other sundries.

For more information visit Tickleberry’s Website. You can even order some of the yummy chocolates and fudge online as well as some T-shirts and other sundries.

It's not too early to start thinking about your summer vacation in the Okanagan Valley.  If you choose an Okanagan Falls Vacation Home to stay in you will be able to walk to Tickleberry's.

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